Hay Bay Resort - Coming Soon!

Dear residents & future guests,

Yes, the rumours you are hearing are true. Cottage Dream Vacations has acquired the Perfect Vue Resort and intends to transform the wonderful property into a 5 star family-focused cottage resort.

Construction will begin at the end of September 2022.  The complete project is expected to take 18 months and will happen in phases, to cause the least amount of disruption to local residents.

In putting together the project, we wanted to figure out how to could best serve our neighbors and the local community at large. You will be happy to know that we will be adding a full service convenience store, LCBO, and beautiful family restaurant, right at the road-side. The convenience store will feature locally produced foods such as meats, fish, vegetables, breads, snacks and necessities. The restaurant will bring out local cuisine that has made Prince Edward County famous.

Once complete, the property will include 30 full season cottages (1 Bedroom, 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom varieties), a new marina with docks for boats up to 60 feet, a full service spa with plunge pools, saunas and hot tubs, meeting space for weddings, family reunions and corporate retreats.  

We are also proud of the fact that we intend to work with local First Nations people to ensure the resort becomes a sanctuary that honors our First Peoples and educates the public.

We have retained one of the best local architectural firms & intend to work very closely with the planners and Chief Building Inspector's office at the township of Greater Napanee to ensure that we create the ultimate destination in a way that it honors local residents, the lands that the property sits on and the official building plan of the region.

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